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The combination of plum, clove leaf, vanilla, amber, and cardamom seed scents in a candle creates a luxurious and enticing fragrance. The prominent note of plum brings a juicy and succulent fruitiness to the aroma, while the clove leaf adds a touch of spicy warmth. The vanilla note provides a sweet and creamy essence, enhancing the overall richness of the scent. The presence of amber brings a deep and undertone, adding a sense of sophistication and warmth. Finally, the cardamom seed contributes a subtle hint of herbal and aromatic spice. Together, these scents create a captivating candle fragrance that is both sweet and spicy, with a warm and luxurious character. Lighting this candle will create an inviting and cozy ambiance, perfect for indulgent moments of relaxation.


• Top Notes: plum, clove leaf, ozone
• Middle Notes: cardamom seed, floral bouquet
• Base Notesvanilla, amber
Weight: 15oz/425g
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