Our Story

Our Story

In 2019, on Christmas Day, our world changed as we knew it. My husband, Mark, was admitted to the hospital with what we thought was a sinus infection. If we had known that day what was to come, we would have waved a white flag to surrender. Technically, Mark really did have a sinus infection, but it wasn't the true root of the problem, and he was continually misdiagnosed for months.

In October 2020, we would find out that Mark had actually contracted an exceedingly rare fungus with an unusually high mortality rate. By the time the fungus diagnosis was confirmed, it had already invaded and destroyed all of Mark's sinus cavities and his upper jaws. Mark subsequently went through eleven surgeries within 24 months--all during a global pandemic.

One of those surgeries included the removal of a cancerous kidney tumor. Out of the eleven, Mark's eighth surgery was the most complicated one. It took a total of eleven hours to complete the facial reconstruction that rebuilt his jaws, hard palate, and cheek bones. Through it all, Mark was incredibly brave, but with all of the unknowns and chaos, I needed a distraction. And so, the Blue Feather Candle Company was born!

Even though I didn't know anything about making candles, it felt like the right thing to do. We chose the name Blue Feather Candle Company because of Psalms 91:4 which states:

"He will cover you with his feathers; you will take refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield."

The only reason we survived the challenges of Mark's illness and recovery, was because of God and his protection. Mark's story is nothing short of miraculous, and his survival is a testament to God's never-ending faithfulness. If you would like to hear more of our story, please reach out.

We would love to share with you how incredibly gracious God has been to us on this journey.

May his feathers cover you and yours,

Karen and Mark Williams


The citrus notes bring a vibrant and zesty aroma, while the ozone adds a clean and crisp element, reminiscent of the outdoors after a rain shower. The jasmine note contributes a delicate and floral touch, providing a hint of elegance. The musk adds depth and sensuality, creating a subtle allure. The teakwood brings a warm and woody essence, evoking a sense of coziness and sophistication. The eucalyptus note provides a cool and invigorating element, offering a spa-like freshness. Lastly, the patchouli adds an earthy and exotic touch, grounding the fragrance with its distinct aroma. Together, these scents create a harmonious blend of citrus, freshness, florals, woods, and earthiness, making this candle perfect for creating a revitalizing and soothing atmosphere.



This candle presents a rich and enticing medley of scents. It combines the luscious aroma of black cherry, the crispness of apple, and the invigorating essence of citrus. Deep plum and deep berry freesia add a touch of sophistication and depth to the fragrance. The warm and inviting notes of amber, cashmere, and vanilla musk create a comforting and cozy ambiance. Overall, this candle offers a captivating blend of fruity, floral, and musky notes that will envelop your space in a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.


New Day

The combination of orange, nutmeg, fir needle, birch, clove, musk, and tonka bean in a candle creates a captivating aroma. The scent profile is a harmonious blend of citrusy orange, warm and spicy nutmeg and clove, fresh and woody fir needle and birch, with a hint of musk for depth and tonka bean for a sweet, vanilla-like note. This candle exudes a cozy and inviting atmosphere, balancing the uplifting citrus with earthy and comforting elements.



This candle offers a harmonious blend of delightful scents. The fragrance combines the tartness of red currant, the sweetness of apple strawberry, and the succulent essence of peach. It is further complemented by gentle floral notes, a hint of spice, and the warm, woody aroma of sandalwood. The result is a captivating and balanced fragrance that is both invigorating and comforting.



The combination of spice, vanilla, tonka, jasmine, coconut, cocoa butter, and amber scents in a candle creates a captivating and indulgent fragrance. The spice notes bring warmth and complexity to the aroma, adding a touch of exotic allure. The vanilla and tonka bean contribute a creamy and sweet essence, creating a comforting and inviting atmosphere. The jasmine note adds a floral and sensual element, enhancing the overall elegance of the scent. The coconut and cocoa butter provide a tropical and creamy undertone, evoking a sense of relaxation and vacation vibes. Finally, the amber brings a deep and resinous richness, adding a touch of sophistication to the fragrance.



The combination of plum, clove leaf, vanilla, amber, and cardamom seed scents in a candle creates a luxurious and enticing fragrance. The prominent note of plum brings a juicy and succulent fruitiness to the aroma, while the clove leaf adds a touch of spicy warmth. The vanilla note provides a sweet and creamy essence, enhancing the overall richness of the scent. The presence of amber brings a deep and undertone, adding a sense of sophistication and warmth. Finally, the cardamom seed contributes a subtle hint of herbal and aromatic spice. Together, these scents create a captivating candle fragrance that is both sweet and spicy, with a warm and luxurious character.