Handmade Candles

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Made with Coconut Wax

Harvested by hand and made without GMOs, coconuts are an eco-friendly option. Our candles are made using hydrogenation, a natural process in which coconut oil is changed into wax. From growing to harvesting to manufacturing, coconut wax is completely natural! These amazing benefits make coconut wax sustainable, eco friendly and the best wax available.

  • What Makes Our Candles Special

    We hand pour our candles in small batches to ensure the best quality candle. Blue Feather Candle Co uses a luxurious coconut wax blend with premium quality fragrance oil. The combination of our wax and fragrance oils are sure to elevate your experience as you burn the candles in your home.

  • Our Premium Grade Fragance Oils

    Premium grade fragrance oils are an enhanced formula that provides an additional concentration of the top note, while sustaining the middle base notes in the fragrance oils. We have received many compliments about the complexity of our fragrance oils.

  • How to Care for Your Candle

    Keep your wick trimmed to maintain a healthy flame height. Too tall of a flame will increase the burn rate, and the candle will melt faster. A healthy wick prevents soot and mushrooming of the wick. A healthy wick requires the correct tools -- a wick trimmer along with a candle snuffer.

About Quality Candles

When choosing the candle wax for your scented candle, there are 4 major parameters to be considered -- burn time, scent throw, clean burn and sustainability. We chose coconut wax because we wanted to create luxury candles that exceed your expectations. We also use phthalate free fragrance oil, which gives a cleaner burn. Our premium fragrance oils are complex, with different notes scents within the candles that last throughout the candle's life. By using exceptional wax and fragrance oils, we maintain our goal of making the best quality candles.