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This candle featuring notes of bergamot, green florals, and spicy and sensual musk creates a captivating and alluring fragrance experience. The bergamot brings a bright and citrusy aroma, offering a refreshing and uplifting quality. The green florals add a touch of natural freshness, evoking the essence of blooming flowers and lush gardens. The spicy notes contribute warmth and intrigue, enhancing the overall complexity of the scent. The sensual musk brings depth and sensuality, creating a captivating and seductive undertone. Together, these scents combine to create a harmonious blend that is both invigorating and enticing. Lighting this candle would fill your space with a captivating fusion of citrus, fresh florals, and a hint of spice, enveloped in a sensuous musky embrace. It sets the mood for a romantic and alluring ambiance, perfect for moments of relaxation or creating an intimate atmosphere.

Weight: 15oz/425g

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